A day with Grant Creek Outfitters

As the morning fog quietly lifts off the glass surface, a family of loons sings
in the distance. The coffee is steaming from your cup as your bobber ripples
once…twice…then rockets to the bottom. You feel the same rush of
excitement you had when you were a kid and your bobber rippled

That’s where you’ll find us. We at Grant Creek Outfitters have caught
thousands of fish and our last fish gave us the same rush as our first fish.
We want you to be there too.

Whether it’s coffee and loons in the peaceful morning mist or the lazy
afternoon drifting by a secret smallmouth stump or even the frantic night
bite spent laughing because you SWORE you had enough bait for all of
those crappies, that’s where you’ll find us…along with that familiar rush you
had the last time your bobber rippled once…twice…

And, don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of bait.

Come find the thrill. Come find us.

Grant Creek Outfitters – Bemidji Minnesota

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